Brand protection has become exponentially more challenging in the digital age as the world has become far smaller and more interconnected.


Masterpiece or Forgery?

Bringing Science to Art…

Stealth Mark combats illicit fraud, forgery and theft in the highly targeted world of fine art with technology that is of forensic quality without marring the splendor.

“When the Center for Art Materials Analysis went through the process of finding a technology provider for the tools to provide definitive identification of artwork, addressing issues such as art loss and tracking of objects, Stealth Mark was the clear choice with the suite of technologies offered for our application.”

Dr. Kenneth J. Smith Ph.D.,
President of the Center for Art Materials Analysis


Real or Counterfeit Pills?

It’s the not knowing that can harm you…

Years of research, thousands of trials, countless meetings and FDA approvals have led your company to produce one of the most effective molecules on the market and within 6 months of that launch the counterfeit shows up.

How can you defend your product and most importantly protect the patients that use it?

Stealth Mark Intelligent Microparticles provide non-disruptive implementation and trend setting affordability.  Our ActiveDuty – Anti-Counterfeit Digital Threat Assessment platform, can seek out illicit activity at its earliest stages.  In combination, Stealth Mark provides an arsenal of support to defend and protect.


10-year or 10 weeks?  

Only for special occasions…

Birthdays, weddings, the biggest business deal or just a toast and sip between good friends, nothing says “I value our relationship” like bringing out the best; or did you? Good hospitality is like great bourbon, it is meant to be savored and appreciated.  Cut rate alcohol you can find anywhere, but how can you be sure that your serving the best money can buy?

Distillers don't invent a 10-year bourbon, they inherit it. It has been passed down through the many generations of a family and is a signature product. Protecting the family legacy is everything. 

Stealth Mark Intelligent Microparticles are non-intrusive and complimentary of your brand packaging and strategy. 


How to Ground an F18?

With counterfeit parts of course…

Counterfeit aircraft parts wreak serious havoc with the supply chains of both the United States Department of Defense and commercial airlines. The statistics are staggering; there has been a fourfold increase in counterfeit part incidents from 2009 to 2011. The FAA estimates that two percent of the 26 million aircraft parts installed each year (520,000 parts) are counterfeit. 

It is simply unacceptable to put our brave men and women in harm’s way with substandard counterfeit parts.

With a unique combination of overt and covert applications that is virtually impossible to compromise, Stealth Mark technologies can support in-the-field inspections with forensic caliber authentication.