Brand protection has become exponentially more challenging in the digital age as the world has become far smaller and more interconnected.


Stealth Mark® ActiveDuty Platform

Anti-Counterfeit Digital Threat Assessment  

If a growing majority of counterfeiting transactions take place online… then shouldn’t your strategy to protect your brand use advanced online technology that goes well beyond standard reputation and sentiment measures?

Introducing Stealth Mark® Anti-Counterfeit Digital Threat Assessment also known as our ActiveDuty Platform.

Our proprietary ActiveDuty platform uses leading-edge social science algorithmic technology to provide actionable intelligence that gives you more than just data.  It gives your team insight to empower senior management to make effective decisions on how to direct anti-counterfeiting expenses.  Actions that can demonstrate an appropriate standard of diligence to auditors, regulators, and stakeholders and apply responsible security resource expenditures by defending not just what is important to the firm but what is relevant to the threat.

At a strategic level, understanding of the potential threat is not enough. It is essential to be aware of patterns of behavior, evaluate threat strengths and weaknesses over time, and explore key events and personas that drive the behavior of a threat. This is where a comprehensive understanding of aspects outside of the technical domain is essential to complement the tactical and operational levels of cyber intelligence. Second, geopolitical context, human networks, and world events can all greatly influence the development of cyber indicators. Together, these two concepts provide a strategic level, common cyber intelligence picture, and empower organizations with a more holistic understanding of the threat landscape.

Stealth Mark® ActiveDuty platform will stand on-guard, around-the-clock, providing a unique algorithmic platform for deriving at data driven research, essentially comprised of; advanced computational linguistics, deep data mining, heuristic learning, socio-psychological and network science research model.

Armed with your internal data, a world of public and 3rd party private external data sources, and a human behavioral overlay which connects the dots and illuminates patterns otherwise un-seeable, we put the intelligence back in business intelligence, and actionable business insight in the palm of your hand to protect your assets and your brand.

Let Stealth Mark® ActiveDuty take the first watch in your pro-active approach to assessed risk management. Call us today for more intelligence.

In the world today, strategic cyber intelligence should no longer be solely the government’s responsibility. The commercial sector, which owns the vast majority of the cyber infrastructure and the data, must work together with the government to strengthen cyber intelligence capabilities just as it has historically with other types of intelligence.
— INSA Cyber Intelligence Task Force White Paper March 2014