Brand protection has become exponentially more challenging in the digital age as the world has become far smaller and more interconnected.

Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles

Unduplicatable and undetectable to the human eye, Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles provide absolute authentication. 

Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles are innovative advancements of the original taggant technology as developed by 3M.  And while taggants has become a common term in the industry, not all taggants are equal.  Stealth Mark® taggants are created with a proprietary material that creates a unique numeric code that is assigned meaning by the customer and is machine readable without the use of rare earth or chemical tracers.

Our Intelligent Microparticles have been used successfully in both covert and overt operation with easy to implement technology and do-it-yourself in-the-field forensic caliber verification.

The application is non-intrusive and complimentary to brand strategy.  With trend setting affordability, Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles are supported by a security management portal, code verification software that is portable, fast and accurate, and a Stealth Mark® App now available on iPhone.

While primarily used for Authentication, Anti-Counterfeiting and Diversion, Stealth Mark® Intelligent Microparticles can also help protect a brand’s reputation, create a marketing advantage, and in many cases safe guard the public.  In combination with Stealth Mark® Anti-Counterfeit Digital Threat Awareness program, aka ActiveDuty platform, we can empower a company with actionable business insight and then help create strategy to protect your assets.


Covert and/or Overt

Absolute Authentication




Proprietary Intelligent Microparticles

Direct and Bulk Markings

Security Labeling

Code and Label Analyzers

Portable Video Reader

Security Management Portal

Mobile Application (iPhone)

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