Brand protection has become exponentially more challenging in the digital age as the world has become far smaller and more interconnected.


About Us

Anti-Counterfeit Diligence for over 30 years  

StealthCo, Inc., (dba Stealth Mark®), is a team of determined individuals dedicated to the restraint or elimination of illicit Counterfeiting activities, the accurate identification of the sources of Product Diversion, and accurate authentication of items and products. We believe and act on this mission, and are constantly striving to innovate, create, and market the finest solutions to provide result-oriented tools for use in the global market to combat these illegal, costly, and possibly very dangerous, activities.

With these goals in mind, in 2014 the company acquired the advanced microparticle technology, premier software suites, and patent portfolio, of SMI Holdings, Inc. who, in turn, had significantly advanced the taggent technology as originated by 3M. Since that time StealthCo, Inc. has updated and integrated this technology and has continued with the pursuit and advancement of other innovative service offerings, such as our all-new ‘ActiveDuty’ platform, to clients who seek intelligent holistic answers to counterfeiting, division and theft.

But technology is only a piece of the greater picture. “We are a principal driven, results oriented organization”, states Rick Howard, President and CEO of Stealth Mark®. “We’re proud to display our values and believe that their guidance provides our customers with the best in service and results”. 

·         Success is our mindset

·         Beneficial change is our method

·         Questioning drives our progress

·         Integrity describes our culture

·         Accurate communication is our lifeblood


StealthCo, Inc. (dba: Stealth Mark®), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wellness Center USA, Inc. (OTCQB: WCUI), a hybrid healthcare company that combines best in class technologies, software, devices, providers, protocols, goods, and services. It was created to address important healthcare and wellness needs via breakthrough solutions, all centered on the “well-being of the body and mind”. Wellness Center USA, Inc. is the parent company of three businesses reporting consolidated: Stealth Mark, National Pain Centers, and Psoria-Shield.

Stealth Mark technology is applicable to a wide-range of industries affected by counterfeiting, diversion and theft, including; Pharmaceuticals, Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Technology, Consumer and Personal Care Goods, Designer Products, Beverage/Spirits, Aerospace and many others.